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Shenzhen Baomingtang Health Products Co., Ltd.
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     Hong Kong Baomingtang International Group founded in Xianfeng Eight years, the year 1858, settling a hundred years of history, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen Baomingtang Health Products Co., Ltd. was established in June 1998. Has been established in Beijing, Shanghai, East China, South China, Guangdong and other major cities nationwide branch offices, stores up to more than 100; business products are: High nest, Cordyceps, Hashima cream, wild Changbai Mountain Ginseng, Korean Koryo ginseng, American ginseng, deer horn, deer tails, abalone, shark's fin, seafood and a variety of senior, senior tonic, high-grade tea, tea and traditional Chinese herbal tonic, etc.. Products using natural raw materials, through rigorous processing, presented the national inspection authorities, uniform packaging market through the ISO9000 certification, "Baomingtan" has become a high-end tonic supplement industry brands.
     Baomingtang in recent years gained a leap of development in the cities of upscale department stores are stores, a variety of honors is another: in December 2006, by the China Market Credit Evaluation Association, Association of Shenzhen market assessment, granted to Shenzhen Baomingtang health Products Co., Ltd. " quality, service, reputation AAA -level units "; July 2007, by the China Federation of brand and marketing strategy to promote the management committee and the Chinese brand, granted to Shenzhen Baomingtang health Products Limited Cordyceps production Baomingtang, bird's nest, ginseng supplements and other health care products of excellent quality, and has been assessed as " China famous product," " Chinese famous brand."

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