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BYD Company Limited
Time£º2013/9/16  Click£º1267  Source£ºGuangzhou Qwell Environment Protection Technology   Editor£º

     BYD Company Limited was founded in 1995, is a Hong Kong-listed high-tech private enterprises. BYD in Guangdong, Beijing , Shanghai, Changsha, Xi'an, Ningbo and other areas has nine production bases, with a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters, and in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places with points companies or offices, the total number of employees has more than 14 million people. In the latest 2009 top 500 Chinese enterprises, BYD ranked NO. 216.

     Qwell Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. from 2005 to become qualified suppliers BYD since, has with its subsidiary and electronics industries, the automotive industry, Academia Sinica has worked closely with the Kwai Chung, Pingshan, Bonhams, Huizhou and other bases also have several cooperation, because Qwell’s good technical service, excellent quality of equipment, access to the BYD agreed, Qwell win its recent bid again with the ultrapure water project. Qwell company provides BYD company with several sets of ultra- pure water equipment, customers have very good impression, further strengthen the partnership.

     In 2005, Qwell environmental company provides a set of five tons per hour of ultrapure water system for electronic camera with water for BYD Company Limited. Meanwhile, in 2009 Qwell environmental also provides a set of eight tons per hour of ultrapure water systems for surface treatment for BYD Company Limited. In 2009 Qwell environmental company Shaoguan offers a 15 tons per hour of water purification systems for BYD Company Limited to help BYD made a significant contribution to the environmental protection, as their supplier, Qwell also feel very proud. Qwell company has been a high -quality product, quality service to customers.
     Qwell company will do as always good quality, fast and a perfect job.

     GD Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a full-service water treatment equipment based industry with a market-oriented, technology support, to manufacture water treatment equipment, RO reverse osmosis equipment, sewage treatment equipment, water purification water treatment equipment, water reuse treatment equipment, life/business sewage treatment equipment, desalination equipment, etc. as the main contractor of environmental engineering to energy conservation, urban sewage treatment and reuse features, has a set of planning, design, consulting, construction, equipment manufacturing, construction in one of the industry chain service model, set construction project environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring and environmental protection facilities operation and management of an integrated environmental protection enterprises.

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