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Test Report

        In order for QWELL to supply a system best adapted to your needs, a water test is recommended. QWELL’s water test report takes reference from US Environmental Protection Agency. Water analysis might be proceeded on your own, a water sample is required from your side if you allow us to analyze for you, $200 dollars will be charged on your side.

        QWELL Water Test Report

QWELL Water Test Report

Your   Result


Muximum Contaminant Lever For Drinking Water(for reference)

Potential Health Effects from 

Ingestion of Water /Comments 

Metals (Except Hg)




No Limit


Alkalinity (G)


250 mg/L

Affects ability to neutralize acids or bases

Aluminum (Al PP SS G)


0.05-0.2 mg/L (SS)

There is no published Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), but 0.2 mg/L is considered safe.

Antimony (Sb PP)

  0.006 mg/L Increase in blood cholesterol; decrease in blood sugar
Arsenic (As PP)  


Skin damage or problems with circulatory systems, and may have increased risk of getting cancer

Beryllium (Be PP)


No Limit


Boron (B G)


No Limit


Cadmium (Cd PP G)


0.005 ppm (P)

Kidney Damage

Calcium, Total Hardness as Ca (G)  

No Limit


Carbon Dioxide


No Limit

Chloride (Cl = chlorine, G)  

250 mg/L

The recommended maximum contaminant level is 250 mg/L, since the chloride ion imparts a salty taste to the water. If ions of Calcium and Magnesium are present, the chloride ion may not impart a salty taste until over 1000 mg/L
Chlorine, Free & Total  

No Limit

Chromium (Cr PP G)   0.1 mg/L (P)                                      

Allergic dermatitis

Conductivity uS/cm  

700 uS/cm

Typical Distilled ~0-3 uS/cm; Tap 120-180 uS/cm; ;
Copper (Cu PP G)   1.0 mg/L (S); 1.3 mg/L (P) For freshwater the concentration should be less than 0.036 mg/L
Corrosivity (PP SS)  


Cyanide, Total (PP)   0.2 mg/L Nerve damage; Thyroid problems
Dissolved Oxygen  

No Limit

Fish kills if too low

Fluoride (Fluorine = F, G)   2.0 mg/L (S) 4.0 mg/L (P) Brownish discoloration of teeth. Bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones); Children may get mottled teeth; Skeletal and dental fluorosis
Foaming Agents (PP SS)  

0.5 mg/L

Gastrointestinal upset; frothy, cloudy appearance; soapy taste; unpleasant odor
Hardness (G)   No Limit 0-75 is considered soft. Damage to appliances, fixtures
 Iodine (I)    No Limit  necessary in small doses; toxic in elevated doses

Iron, Total (Fe PP G)


0.3 mg/L (SS)

 Brackish color; Rusty sediment; bitter metallic taste; brown-orange stains; iron bacteria and discolored beverages. Nuisance Chemical: Cosmetic or Aesthetic (Taste, Odor, Color, Rash)
 Lead (Pb PP)    0.0 mg/L  Deficits in learning ability and mental development; Kidney problems; Hypertension
 Magnesium (Mg G)    Not Listed  
 Manganese, HR (Mn PP G)    0.05 mg/L (SS)  Brownish color; black stains on laundry and fixtures; bitter taste; altered taste of water-mixed beverages; Nuisance Chemical: Cosmetic or Aesthetic (Taste, Odor, Color, Rash)
 Mercury (Hg PP)    0.002 mg/L  Kidney Damage
 Molybdenum (Mo G)    Not Listed  
 Nickel (Ni G)    Not Listed  
 Nitrogen, Ammonia    No Limit  
 Nitrogen, Nitrate (G)    10 mg/L (P)  Infants below the age of six months who drink water containing nitrate in excess of the MCL could become seriously ill and, if untreated, may die. Symptoms include shortness of breath and blue-baby syndrome.
 Nitrogen, Organic
   Not Listed  
 Organic cmpds,
 Organic cmpds,
 Organic cmpds, Phenols      
 Organic cmpds,
 Organic cmpds,
Base/neutrals Acids
 pH (G)    6.5-8.5  Digestive problems
 Phosphorus (P), Total (G)    No Limit  (PO43- ion)(0.326)
 Phosphorus, Reactive (P2O5)    No Limit  (PO43- ion)(0.747)
 Phosphorus, PO43- ion    No Limit  Direct Reading
 Potassium (K G)    No Limit  
 Residue, Non-filterable    No Limit  
 Salinity      Heart, Blood Pressure
 Selenium (PP)    0.05 mg/L  Hair or Fingernail loss; numbness in fingers or toes; circulatory problems
 Silica (SiO2)    No Limit  
 Silver (Ag EPA PP SS)    0.1 mg/L  
 Sodium (Na G)    No Limit  
 Sodium Chromate      
 Sulfate (PP SS G)    250 mg/L  Bitter medicinal taste, scaly depostis; corrosion; laxative effects; "rotten egg" odor from Hydrogen Sulfide gas formation. Nuisance Chemical: Cosmetic or Aesthetic (Taste, Odor, Color, Rash)
 Temperature (deg C)    No Limit  Affects solubility, concentration of chemicals
 Temperature (deg F)    No Limit  Affects solubility, concentration of chemicals
 Thallium (EPA PP)    0.0005 mg/L  Hair loss; changes in blood; kidney, intestine, or liver problems
 Total Dissolved Solids (G)    500 ppm = mg/L  Heart, Blood Pressure; Hardness of water; scaly deposits; sediment; cloudy colored water; odor; staining; salty or bitter taste
 Visual Examination    Clear of observable microbial activity (protist/fungal)  
 Zinc (Zn EPA PP SS G)    5 mg/L (S)  metallic taste
 30 X Microscopic Exam    Clear of observable microbial activity (protist/fungal)  Potentially dangerous microorganisms
 Color (G)    0-5 CU  iron, copper, or manganese; organic chemicals; organic matter
 Turbidity (G)    0-25 NTU  
 E. coli Coliform Test   0  SDWA requires 0 coliforms / 100 mls in drinking water
 Other Coliforms Test    0  
 Total Coliform Test    0  
 Fecal Coliforms    0  
 Corrosivity    NonCor  
 Option 1: Do It Yourself - Almost      You collect water and submit it for testing and pay for the tests yourself. We provide limited on-site tests that other labs cannot do and analysis of all your results with recommendations
Option 2: Purification Recommendations     We analyze all your data, research available systems and recommend the best system for your needs. If you don't need purification, we tell you.

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