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Water purification equipment Frequently Asked Questions
Conventional water purifier hidden
Traditional water purifier is the market of simple water purification and filtration devices, such as drink straight, ultrafiltration machines.
As processing capabilities of traditional small water purifier, range can only solve the drinking water problem, can not solve family whole house water purification filter. In fact, the water absorption pathways of human exposure, 95% through the skin, and only 5 percent is water, so the only solution drinking water purification is not enough simply can not achieve the purpose of healthy water.
Traditional water purifier is a single device, no other front-end pre-filter cascade water filtration devices for water purifier filter pressure, impurities in tap water will block some large filter, so that the water flow rate decreases, the use of longer the more obvious, and will greatly reduce the life of the filter, the filter effect is poor.
Traditional water purifier has no control valve head, can not be backwash, water impurities, viruses, bacteria and other adsorbed on the surface of the lack of timely flushing filter, resulting in easy to plug the filter, the more water flow rate using the slower, not take a few months filter must be replaced. And the filter becomes dirty, affecting the water quality filtration, resulting in water through water purifier become more dirty situation.
Water purifier and water purifier difference
Use different scopes: the use of small water purifier, can only solve the drinking water filtration, can not solve the whole house water filtration and purification. The way the body absorbs water per day, 95% through the skin, and only 5% is through drinking water, so just solve the drinking water is simply not enough to reach the purpose of healthy water.
The use of a wide range of water purification machines, able to solve family whole house water, not only to purify drinking water, domestic water purification treatment can really achieve healthy water purposes.
Different filter materials: water purifier generally activated carbon, meltblown filter, porous ceramic, hollow fiber, KDF and other multi-layer purification, filtration and high precision; water purifiers generally only pure carbon, quartz sand, or other two filters, difficult to completely filter.
Different filter levels: water purifier filters generally have 5-7 layers, water purifiers generally only simple filtration, low precision.
Control in different ways: water purifier controlled valve head, it can automatically filter cartridge regularly rinse, ensuring purifying effect. Not automatically flush water purifier, water quality in the initial use or have guaranteed, but use a long time, dirt can clog the filter impurities, resulting in slow water flow, the short life of the filter, the filter is not only a long time can not be guaranteed filtering effect, but also but will get more dirty water.
What types of water treatment equipment generally include?
Water treatment equipment generally include: pre-filter, water purifier, water softener, water purifier, direct drinking machine, etc.
Pre-Filter: Empty interior with subtle metallic omentum, the water used to filter out coarse particles, which can effectively protect the subsequent wading equipment.
Water purifier: water purifier to filter out impurities in tap water, rust, some bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc., but the role of heavy metals and alkaline water is not great.
Water Softener: reduce water hardness. The method using ion exchange, the water trying to remove hardness ions such as calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal ions.
Water Purifier: general use reverse osmosis membrane technology, put some pressure on the water, allowing only water molecules and ionic minerals through the reverse osmosis membrane elements, the final filter only H20.
Straight drink machine: including ultrafiltration straight drink machine, water machine (RO machine), is a means of ultrafiltration membrane or RO membrane filtration method, the raw water filtration treatment (physical method) does not add any compound after the production of for direct human consumption of pure water machine (also known as Terminal Equipment drink straight).
EcoWater water with other brands What is the difference?
1, professional home water purifier brand:
EcoWater in 1925 invented the world's first household automatic water softeners, is currently the world's largest manufacturer of household water treatment equipment, has 84 years of industry experience and more than a thousand household water treatment patents.
EcoWater equipment All components are developed for home use, such as the control valve head and filter materials, water purification equipment compared to other brands are used in industrial water treatment unit, to save water, much safer.
2, the product richer:
EcoWater has a pre-filter, central water, central water softener, soft net machine, water purifier, direct drinking machine, such as full whole house water treatment equipment, according to the market and customer needs, a variety of configurations.
3, the filter material is better:
EcoWater equipment filter material needs of the family in accordance with the highest level optional. Such as water softener resin is used in the world's most professional resin suppliers Rohm and Haas, the service life up to 50 years; purifier activated carbon used in the world's largest supplier of granular activated carbon Calgon; ultrafiltration machine super- membrane using the world's most professional manufacturers Hyflux membrane tube; reverse osmosis machine (RO machine) is used in the world's most famous Dow membrane.
4, a higher degree of intelligent control:
Home with a professional disc control valves, capable of intelligent settings, water purification equipment will automatically set in accordance with procedures to carry out the work, including washing, regeneration program automatic completion. The system itself, the computer controller will record household water conditions and automatically adjust the water when you need to do regeneration.
5, using the internal pressure filtration, the filter pore rate is higher, purifying better.
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